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A vast resource of energetic information

An Ergopathics vials kit library is a valuable resource for wellness practitioners working in a range of modalities. Most often, the vials are used in the context of a muscle testing session to identify energetic ‘stressors’ that are then addressed through a modality – of which there are many: applied kinesiology, bioresonance, tapping protocols, nutrition, homeopathy, Bicom, Rayonex, NAET, NB/HK, EAV, chiropractic, and more.

Your growing library of kits will evolve alongside your practice.


Well researched

In the context of a muscle testing session, the vials kits are a well-researched fount of energetic information. Organized in categories, the kits explore the signatures of the human body (parts, tissues, cells, organelles, genes), health conditions, food & drink, microbes, natural compounds, chemicals & synthetics, subtle energies and more.


Rapid investigation & deeper dives

The Master Directory kit is designed for rapid energetic inquiry that may suggest avenues for a deeper dive – each vial in the 174 vial Master Directory kit represents the kit indicated on the label. For example, the Alzheimer’s Disease Master Vial is a single vial imprinted with all 30 signatures in that kit.

Looking for some speed in testing? The Vials Testing Block offers a means of testing vials without removing them from the box. Watch this how-to video!



Pairing vials & kits

Testing Master Vials in pairs is a means of finding relevant energetic relationships. For example, where a vial may be resonant on its own, two together may yield other information. Classic potential pairings include: signatures of the vagus nerve & emotions; stomach & enzymes; meridians & medicinal herbs or essential oils…

Vials in the Multipliers kit are paired with those in the Homeopathic kits to create energetic potencies. This short how-to video explains two ways of using this unique kit. VIDEO:


Starters, packages & workshop

Our small, thematic packages such as Heart & Circulation Package are a great way to expand your library. . If you are new to the kits, jump in with our discounted, 15 kit bundle – the New Practitioner Start Kit.

We offer a hands-on Workshop Package for those new to energy work – a live zoom workshop comes with three 30 vials sized kits.  


New kits every month

Launched in 2023:

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