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If you are a healthcare provider using muscle testing to assess problems and guide treatment, then congratulations, you are one of thousands of pioneers around the world who have embraced what will hopefully, one day, be the new medicine.   But, if you are not yet using vials in your practice,...

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The Other Half of Muscle Testing - Where is the Lesion?

This is an important message for anyone who is using muscle testing and other similar methods in their practice.  There are thousands of bioenergetic practitioners that are using Ergopathics test kits to identify the frequency signatures that trigger stress in their clients.  These signatures include foods, microbes, synthetic and biological chemicals, endogenous...

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WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT SARCOIDOSIS?A friend of mine was recently told that he might have sarcoidosis. Over the course of my conversations with him I thought it would be important to share some perspectives on this disease with our community of vibrational medicine providers. That means you, the healers...

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