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Q: Do you ship to the United States?

A: Yes, we ship our entire catalogue to the US. Unfortunately we can not provide Priority/Next day shipping at this time.


Q: What if I can't find the vial I want?

A: No problem, please email us at  We have an extended library offline that we can search through.


Q: How do I store my kits?

A: The signatures in both the LWP and Ergopathics collections have been found to be stable and reliable in offices with computers and other EM devices. Both types of kits have been shipped to and used by thousands of practitioners for many years. It is good practice to keep the kits stacked on shelves. 


Q: Can vial contents be consumed?

A: Vials are not intended for consumption, and we strongly discourage opening the vials as the frequency inside will be damaged, even if the cap is firmly replaced. If accidentally consumed, physical contents are about as harmful as a small sip of the melted ice-water at the end of a martini, but then the vial cannot be reused. If used properly, the vials can be used over and over indefinitely.


Q: What is your return policy? 

A: The general policy at Ergopathic Resources is that sales are final. However, if in shipping an item is damaged or broken, please contact us for a replacement. 


Q: What is the potency of your vials?

A: Potency is a term that is used to describe a homeopathic dilution of a substance originally present in a mother tincture.  Our vials are not made by dilution, so the concept of potency does not apply.