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When I decided to create my own muscle testing course, the biggest stumbling block I foresaw was the creation of custom vial kits. Ergopathics customer service put me in touch with Heather [in customer service] and she was amazing. She walked me through the entire process, answered all my questions, set me up with the affiliate program, and made many helpful suggestions on what vials to include, etc. I am very happy with the service I received from the whole Ergopathics team. Brad Case, ND, DC

I have been very happy with the product in quality as well as options of different types of vials offered.  Ergopathics continues to offer new products and new testing ideas. Dr. Bradley Kuntz, DC

Incorporating vials in my practice has helped me work faster and in a more precise fashion. Xiomhara Knapp,

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For over twenty years, Ergopathics has supplied electromagnetic frequency vials and vials kits to wellness practitioners around the world. Our growing library of signatures offers well researched avenues for energy based enquiry.


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"Ergopathics signature vials are of the highest quality. I am so happy I found your company two years ago. Your commitment to assisting practitioners, like myself, is unwavering. I would not be able to do what I do without your products. I work with individuals who have experienced emotional and physical trauma that results in physical symptoms such as PTSD and chronic pain. I am the practitioner one comes to when the pharmaceuticals no longer mask the pain and allopathic medicine can’t cut it out. Bioenergetic therapy is about gently initiating the frequencies the body requires to heal. I can provide this service to many individuals with the assistance of Ergopathics kits such as Hormones, Immune system, Emotions, Chronic Pain, and Neurotransmitters. Thank you Ergopathics for your products and compassionate business!"

— Sloane Campbell

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"Test vials are a significant part of my practice and I don’t know what I would do without them to help me identify potential imbalances and find solutions. Using Ergopathic’s test vials I have been able to uncover some astounding health discoveries that have changed clients’ lives once the imbalances have subsequently been addressed."

— Terry Larder (Mrs) Dip.KA, AKFRP, ND, SN Director Classical Kinesiology Institute, UK

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I’ve been using Ergopathics test kits since 2007 and they are the most accurate and well made in the industry. I have never needed to replace them after all these years. I particularly use the adrenal kit, inflammation, deep brain and emotions. I find them very effective.

— Lisa Chilvers