Ergopathics Master Directory Kit (DIR)


Kit Contents:

Each of our 171 other testing vial kits is represented by a single vial in this directory kit. Use this test kit first to help you determine which additional kits are needed for additional testing.

ADR Adrenal;ALI Alimentary Canal Sarcodes;PRD Allergenic Proteins – Dairy, Eggs & Soy;PRG Allergenic Proteins: sans Wheat;PRS Allergenic Proteins: Pseudocereals;PRT Allergenic Proteins: Tree Nuts;PRW Allergenic Proteins - Wheat; ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis;ALT Altitude Acclimatization; ALZ Alzheimer’s Disease; AUT Autoimmune Diseases;BFR  Bach Flowers;BAB Bacteria – Airborne;BAF Bacteria – Food-Borne;BAG Bacteria – Normal Intestinal;MYP Bacteria – Mycoplasma; BAO Bacteria -- Oral/Periodontal;BAP Bacteria – Pathogenic 75;BAC Bacteria – Pathogenic 30;PRF  Bacteria - Probiotic;BAZ  Bacteria - Zoonotic;TBS Basic Sleuthing;AMB  Biogenic Amines; BLP Blood Pressure;BLO Blood Test;BRA  Brain Sarcodes; DPB Brain – Deep; CBD Cannabis;CAR Carbohydrate Metabolism;CiR Cerebral Circulation; CHK Chakras;CEL Common Human Cell Structures; CHP Chronic Pain;INT Cytokines / Interleukin;DEC  Dental Caries;DER Dental-Root Canal;DET Detox Liver Pathways; BDI Diabetes;DIS Disease Nosodes;ANE Drugs - Anesthetics;ANT Drugs - Antibiotics; DEP Drugs – Antidepressants;KMO DrugsChemotherapy;DRU Drugs - Generic;GAN Drugs - Generic Antibiotics;REC Drugs - Recreational;DUS Dusts & Fumes;EAR Ears & Hearing;EMO Emotions 30;EM7 Emotions 75;END Endocrine System & Steroid Pathway;ENV Environmental Toxins;ENE Energy (Krebs) Cycle & Glycolysis;ENZ Enzymes - Digestive System; ESO Essential Oils;EXO Exocrine System / Body Fluids;EXM  Exotic Metals;EYE Eyes & Seeing;FAB Fabric & Fiber Contactants;FAM Fat Metabolism;FAA Fatty Acids;FIB Fiber - Dietary & Prebiotics;FOA Food Additives;ALL Food – Allium Foods & Organosulfur;AMI Food – Amino Acids;BEV Food/Beverage – Common;BES Food/Beverage – Spirits;DAI Food – Dairy Products;FAT Food – Fats & Oils;FIN  Food – Finfish;FRU Food – Fruits;GRA FoodGrains;PRL Food – Lectins;LEG Food – Legumes;MEA Food – Meats & Poultry;NUT Food – Nuts & Seeds;FSH Food – Shellfish;SPI Food -- Spices & Seasonings;SUG Food -- Sugars & Sweeteners;VEG Food – Vegetables;CRU Food – Vegetables / Cruciferous;NIT Food – Vegetables / Nightshades;FOE Foods Sensitivity Evaluation; FO3 Foods – 30 Supermarket; FO7 Foods – 75 Supermarket;FOO Foods - Common 30;FUR Fungicidal Remedies;FGM  Genetically Modified Foods – Common;GEO Geopathic Stressors; GLU Glutathione; CCN Heart & Cardiac Conduction; HP1 Homeopathic 1; HP2 Homeopathic 2;HEA Heavy Metals;HOR Hormones;HRS Hormone Receptor Sites;HOU Household Toxic Inhalants;SYS Human Anatomical / Functional Systems; MUS Human Body - Muscles;BOD Human Body Parts -- 30X Sarcodes;GEN Human Genetic Material;SKE Human Skeleton sans Vertebrae;HSS Human Skull & Sutures;VER Human Vertebrae – Complete;HYD Hydrocarbon Fuels & Exhausts;HYG Hygiene / Grooming Products;IMM  Immune System – Basic;INF Inflammation Response;INS Insect / Arachnid;KNE Knee Joints;LYM Lyme Disease;ORG Major Organs; MHB Medicinal Herbs; MIP Medical Implants; MET Methylation;MIA Miasmic Filters;MIN Minerals – Common 30;MIS Mineral Salts;MOP Mold & Yeast Pathogens;MOI Molds – Indoor;MOO Molds -- Outdoor;MYC Mycotoxins – Common 7;MOF Mold & Yeasts – Food-Borne; MOQ Mosquito & Tick Viruses;MUL Multipliers; CAN Neoplasma;NCN Nerves – Cranial;NSL Nerves - Peripheral Nervous System: Arms and Legs; SPT Nerves – Spinal Tracts;NEU Neurotransmitters; NER Neuroreceptors; NEX Neurotransmitter Excitotoxins;PRO Parasitic -- Protozoa;WOR Parasitic -- Worms;ELE  Periodic Table of Elements;PES  Pesticides & Herbicides – Household;PHE  Phenolics – Common 75;PHF  Phenolics – Food 30;PLC Plastics;PLE Plants & Pollens-Northeast;PLG Plants & Pollens-Great Lakes;PLM Plants & Pollens-Mountain;PLN Plants & Pollens-Northwest;PLP Plants & Pollens-Northern Prairie;PLS Plants & Pollens-Southeast;PLT Plants & Pollens-Southern Prairie; PLW Plants & Pollens-Southwest; POP Post-Operative;RAD Radiations;RET Receptors;REP Reproductive System;SAL Salicylate; TIS Schuessler Tissue Salts;STD Sexually Transmitted Diseases;SKN Skin & Connective Tissue;SLE Sleep Disorders; SOL Solfeggio Frequencies;SUD Subjective Units of Distress;TEE Teeth; BTH Thyroid; VAX Vaccines Comprehensive 75;VIA Viruses – Adenoviruses; VIP Viruses – Common 70;VIC VirusesCoxsackie viruses;VIF Viruses – Influenza Viruses;VIW Viruses – Papilloma viruses;VIR VirusesCommon Retroviruses;VSU Viruses – Superbugs;VIT Vitamins – Common 30;MER Voll Meridians & Qi; WIN Wine Grapes

Quantity: 171 Vials

Model: DIR

Note: Ergopathics test kits are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state.  The vials contain ethanol and water and the process used to imprint them with electromagnetic signatures has not been tested or validated by any scientific method and is not approved by any regulatory authority. They are intended for use solely by qualified providers to support wellness and manage stress.