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Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is an allergic skin disease that usually develops in early childhood. From the Greek word “ekzema” for skin that “boils out” this rash is characterized by itchy papules that can form fluid-filled or crusted lesions. The skin in affected areas can thicken and is susceptible to cracking. In children, eczema frequently appears on the hands, wrists, crooks of arms and elbows, knees, face and neck. Subsequent bacterial and viral infections of the skin are common. 

Many patients seek integrative approaches to treating eczema.  These can include addressing food allergy, environmental factors, emotional trauma and other stressors that can affect the psycho-neuro-immune system.  According to New York allergist Dr. Xiu-Min Li, who incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine in her treatment of eczema, the disorder is “usually the first step in the allergic march” which includes asthma, rhinitis and food allergy.

Using herbal protocols, Dr. Li treats the body as a whole, including all of the organ systems. Her research has shown a link between allergen-specific IgE and elevated levels of IL-4 and IL-13 are associated with eczema.  In short, this skin condition signals that there are larger imbalances, inflammation and reactivity within the body. Read more about Dr. Li’s research.

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