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In our time, which boasts such enlightened and deep-thinking souls, does it have to be so impossible to conceive of a non material dynamic force when we see around us every day so many phenomena that cannot be explained in any other way? 
Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Medicine (1810)


Our 54 vials kit Homeopathic 1 contains classic homeopathic signatures from Acid Nit to Zincum Met.

The potency of these vials can be considered equivalent to a ‘mother tincture’ without dilution.  Practitioners can use these together with our Multipliers kit to identify the specific potency that elicits the desired response. This approach turns these kits into a versatile frequency-based equivalent to a large homeopathic dispensary. 

There are 30 vials in the Multipliers kit, ranging from 6X to 1000M

Just to be clear - the Homeopathic 1 vials are not remedies to be ingested.  They are frequencies imprinted in water and used by wellness practitioners in combination with manual muscle testing (applied kinesiology), auricular pulse testing or EAV skin conductance testing to guide assessment and treatment.

In contrast, traditional homeopathic remedies prescribed by licensed homeopaths are used to address a particular illness and constitution. The homeopath is guided by principles established by Samuel Hahnemann in The Organon of Medicine (1810).  

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances -- botanical, animal or mineral. They were originally created through a controlled process of successive dilutions and succussions (shaking) of the substance in water. This process imparts the information stored in the structure of the original substance to water clusters that form similar structures through simple resonance.  In the homeopathic tradition, higher dilutions are said to be more potent, and while this seems counter-intuitive, the mechanism of action can be explained by structured water.

How to Use the Homeopathic Vials

Again, the vials in the Homeopathic 1 do not have specific potencies. Rather, in testing, each may be paired and tested with potency signatures in the Multiplier kit. Test first to identify the homeopathic that changes the reflex being tested (e.g. that makes a strong muscle weak, or vice versa).  Then select the potency(ies) that change it again.  This paired testing can also be used to pair stressors to specific meridians, chakras or body parts.

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