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Using the Multipliers Kit

Using the Multipliers Kit

Multipliers can be used to help deliver more targeted and potentially more effective clearing of stressor frequencies in the context of a kinesiology treatment.

Any stress response is triggered by resonance with frequency patterns that are stored in tissue. Like all frequency patterns, these waves resonate with their harmonic multiples, which occur at different potencies or dilutions in water. By way of an analogy, if you strike middle C on a piano this vibration will activate the same note in the other octaves, high and low. These multiple harmonic frequencies may be identified and addressed using the Multipliers Kit.

To use the multipliers with any stressor vial, muscle test each one with that vial until indicator muscle strength or resonance is achieved. Include the multiplier in the clearing. 

This creative use of the multipliers may differ from that of a homeopath.

The multipliers are labeled according to potency using the origin homeopathic principles established by Samuel Hahnemann in The Organon of Medicine (1810).[1]

Hahnemann assigned a number and letter to increasing dilutions of a substance until there is no actual trace of the substance. As we know, increasing dilutions increases potency (not strength) which is identified from X or D (1:10), to C (1:100) and M (1:1000).

The Multipliers Kit includes 30 vials.



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