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Potentizing Your Practice with Multipliers

Potentizing Your Practice with Multipliers

One of the most challenging concepts in integrative healthcare is the principle of potentization that is central to homeopathic dilution. This principle, first suggested by Hahnemann, was an effort to explain why different dilutions of a remedy elicit such different responses in people who use them.  

The best way to understand how dilute remedies can have novel effects is to think in terms of vibrational information stored in the complex structures created by water clusters. With every dilution, lower concentrations of solutes alter the interference patterns created by these water clusters, while preserving the information contained in their structures.

While our vials cannot be reliably assigned a specific homeopathic potency, the multiplier kit can be paired with any other kit to deliver a more frequency-specific treatment. Each stressor is likely to resonate best at a specific frequency, so it makes sense to use one or more multiplier vials with each individual stressor vial.    

This Thanksgiving weekend, we wish you and your loved ones health and happiness, multiplied over many years.

Happy Healing,

The Ergo Team

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