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Chronic Pain and the Nervous System

Chronic Pain and the Nervous System

Pain is one of the most common reasons for people to visit medical and integrative providers. Despite the enormous burden of suffering that is created by chronic pain, it is still poorly understood by western medical science. While research has identified complex changes in the brain, spine and nerves in people with pain, doctors agree that effective treatment remains elusive. 

The pain experience results from a complex interaction between musculoskeletal lesions, biochemical changes and social and behavioral factors. Prior injuries and trauma can create disturbances in fascia and the nervous system that may best be thought of as blockages. These affect the flow of qi in the circuitry of the human body, and are irritable ‘hot spots’ that have a lower threshold for triggering the stress response. Effective vibrational medicine involves identifying the signatures that trigger this response using muscle testing and other methods, and desensitizing the patient using a wide range of tools and techniques. Blockages are a disconnect between nerves and the muscles they supply. These can create spasms in contralateral structures and surrounding tissues, and can lead to symptoms in remote areas of the body through connections in meridians and the complex control systems of the body.    

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