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Working with the 30x Sarcodes Kit

Working with the 30x Sarcodes Kit

Sarcodes were developed in the 1830s using the proving method, in which a group of healthy subjects take a homeopathic remedy and observe and document its effects. These remedies were created using healthy tissue from the organs and glands of humans and animals, and the 30x dilution is one of the standard potencies that have been used worldwide for decades.

Most of our signatures cannot be assigned a homeopathic potency, and it may be more appropriate to think of them as ʻmother tinctures.ʼ But in this case, a 30x potency allows the vials to be used as remedies. They can also be used to identify which body parts or systems are most affected by stressor signatures. This can be inferred by a change in the nervous system seen in the patient holding these stressors ‒ before and after introducing the sarcode signature.

In this sense, the Human Body Parts – 30x Sarcodes (BOD) kit can be thought of as another tissue kit. Some patients will respond more strongly to the basic signature, while others will respond more strongly to the 30x sarcode. As always, this approach to treatment begins with the theoretical, i.e. what can be expected to work, but it must always end with the practical, i.e. which signatures elicit the strongest, clearest response in the patient.

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