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Essential Kits for Holistic Nutritionists

Essential Kits for Holistic Nutritionists

A holistic nutritionist is different from a conventional dietitian in several important ways. Their toolkit includes many approaches that allow them to address specific symptoms, identify imbalances and offer nutrition-based wellness programs. This holistic approach often goes beyond food to embrace physical, emotional, environmental and energetic factors that may be affecting a client.

Nutritionists who use muscle testing in their practice can access profoundly relevant information that can provide useful guidance and direction. Using basic techniques like O-ring muscle testing, practitioners can explore many factors that can affect digestion and intestinal function. 

The gut is the engine of the body – whole body health relies on the health of the intestinal tract, the microbiome, including what we feed it and how it is challenged. One simple factor that can be worth testing is a client’s drinking water that can provide insight into dehydration or sensitivity to specific contaminants in the water. Clients unable to ‘stomach’ many foods (or raw foods) may respond to rebalancing with signatures in the digestive enzyme kit.

Enzymes, digestive system (30 vials) 

Normal intestinal bacteria (30 vials) 

Foods sensitivity kit (75 vials) 

Methylation kit (64 vials)


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