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Crystals and Vibrational Medicine

Crystals and Vibrational Medicine

We all know that snow and ice are crystals, but did you know that water is a crystal too? Crystals have been used for healing for centuries in every corner of the world. While they are enjoying a new wave of popularity, few people understand how crystals actually interact with the body. The answer to this question is intimately linked to how our vials work, and the scientific basis for vibrational medicine.

Practitioners who use Ergopathics vial test kits are pioneers in the emerging field of vibrational medicine. While it is well known that the nervous system produces electrical impulses, there is still a lot of skepticism around anything ‘vibrational.’ Yet no one can deny the key facts that underlie this extraordinary science: that every part of our body is woven with connective tissue made of collagen, that collagen has a crystalline structure and that it is piezoelectric. And collagen, along with all the water that is in and around every cell, is buzzing because piezoelectric collagen turns the nervous system’s electrical waves into mechanical waves. These sound vibrations are how memory is stored―as signatures in your tissues. When your tissues resonate with a vial, the nervous system responds, creating changes that you and your patients can see and feel.                                                   

Seeing is believing, which is why we are so proud of our practitioners. You are brave pioneers in a brave new world. Your work is ahead of the curve of clinical evidence, but it really is supported by science. And that science is intimately linked to crystals.   

Happy Healing,

The Ergo Team 

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