Energy (Krebs) Cycle & Glycolysis (ENE)


Kit Contents:

GLYCOLYSIS: Acetate, Adenine, Adenosine, ADP, Aldehyde Dehydrogenase, Aldolase, AMP, ATP, Carbon Dioxide, Carbonic Anhydrase, Chromium-GTF, Enolase, Epinephrine, Ethanol, Fatty Acids, Fructose, Fructose 1,6−Diphosphate, Fructose 6−Phosphate, Fructose 6−Phosphate Kinase, Galactose, Glucagon, Glucose, Glucose 6−Phosphate, Glycerate, Glyceraldehyde, Glycerokinase, Glycerol, Glycerophosphate, Glycogen, GDP, GMP, GTP, Guanine, Guanosine, Hydrogen, Insulin, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Lactic Acid, Magnesium, Manganese, Orthophosphate, Oxygen, Phospho(enol)Pyruvate, Phosphoglucose Isomerase, 2−Phosphoglycerate, 3−Phosphoglycerate, Phosphorus, Pyrophosphate, Triglycerides, Zinc. KREBS CYCLE: Acetyl Coenzyme A, Aconitase, α−Ketogluterate, α−Ketogluterate Dehydrogenase, cis-Aconitate, Citrate, Citrate Synthetase, FAD, FADH2, Fumarase, Fumarate, Isocitrate, Isocitric Dehydrogenase, Malate, Malate Dehydrogenase, NADH, NADPH, Oxaloacetate, Pyruvate, Pyruvate Dehydrogenase, Pyruvate Kinase, Succinate, Succinate Dehydrogenase, Succinyl Coenzyme A, Succinyl CoA Synthetase.

Quantity: 75 Vials

Model: ENE

Note: Ergopathics test kits are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state.  The vials contain ethanol and water and the process used to imprint them with electromagnetic signatures has not been tested or validated by any scientific method and is not approved by any regulatory authority. They are intended for use solely by qualified providers to support wellness and manage stress.