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The following offer Training in Muscle Testing: 


Lyme Protocols for Muscle Response Testers is a postgraduate kinesiology course offered by UK practitioner and educator Terry Larder. Through this unique online course, you will learn how to enhance the body's means of dealing with the energetic 'footprint' of borrelia and its co-infections. The program includes instruction in the use of specific herbs, kinesiology techniques with test vials. The program is offered in three options.

Instructor Terry Larder has over 30 years experience in the natural healthcare field and has practiced kinesiology since 1985. Through the Classical Kinesiology Institute she founded in 1990, Terry offers educational programs to new and seasoned practitioners. She is the author of Essential Kinesiology Techniques for Muscle Testing Practitioners.

Option 1  Learn how to enhance the body's means of dealing with the energetic 'footprint' of borrelia and its co-infections using specific herbs for immune system support, kinesiology techniques with the aid of test vials. Vials are purchased separately.

Option 2   This option has all the features of Option 1 but also includes 2 test vial kits - Lyme Plus, Cytokines and Immune System 1, and a biofilm test vial (102 test vials) 

Option 3  This option has all the features of Option 1 and 2 test vial kits and additionally includes Cytokine 2, Spleen (1), Bone Marrow (1), Lymph Nodes (1), Liver (1) (119 vials) and a test block. 



Bioenergetic Resonance Training

In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. Bio-Energetic Resonance (BER) is an electro-acupressure modality developed by holistic health practitioner Lisa Chilvers of Bio-Energetic Health with Ergopathics in mind. Ergopathics Canada offers an extensive catalogue of high-quality electromagnetic frequency vials that are integral to the BER modality.
BER is a cost-effective, yet powerful tool to take your holistic health practice to a new level.
Date Program Location
Apr 23-25, 2021 Bioenergetic Resonance Training

North York, Ontario, Canada