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For over 15 years, Ergopathics has been supplying our customers with vials that are made of sturdy, premium quality, precision-crafted clear glass. Each vial is impeccably prepared and indelibly imprinted from a bioenergetic database compiled from many Virtual Libraries containing thousands of items representing nearly any conceivable perception.  

Our testing vials are prepared specifically for implementing bioenergetic sensitivity evaluation and management protocols. Testing vials are intended for use by trained professionals, and Ergopathics is not responsible for training in the use of our testing vials for any particular protocol. Referrals for training programs are available.  We also have available one-on-one personal consultations (by appointment only) with our in house clinical director.

Ergopathics also provides individual Custom Testing Vials, and testing vial storage boxes to more completely support your professional healthcare practice and the special needs of your patients.  And for EDS practitioners, Ergopathics provides READY-TO-USE Blank Filled Vials.

Ergopathics Canada...Your Source for Testing Vials!  

These vials are intended for neither diagnosis nor treatment.
Each vial contains water and alcohol.
The vial serves as a surrogate for whatever the label indicates.
None of the subjects on the label is contained in the vial.