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The Other Half of Muscle Testing - Where is the Lesion?

The Other Half of Muscle Testing - Where is the Lesion?

This is an important message for anyone who is using muscle testing and other similar methods in their practice.  There are thousands of bioenergetic practitioners that are using Ergopathics test kits to identify the frequency signatures that trigger stress in their clients.  These signatures include foods, microbes, synthetic and biological chemicals, endogenous or environmental information.  They address an aspect of chronic disease that neurologists might describe as ‘what is the lesion’.

In medical school, future doctors learn that this is the second question that neurologists are supposed to ask.  The first, and perhaps more important part of making a diagnosis, is not what the problem is - but where.  In the medical paradigm, this is considered in terms of the central or peripheral nervous system, whether the problem is in the brain, the spine or the nerves - and which specific location is involved.

Bioenergetic medicine is based on a different paradigm, in which frequencies trigger stress.  This occurs because the root cause is an area that has been affected by injury, trauma or stress.  The German system of Neural Therapy involves treating these areas by injecting them with procaine, a local anesthetic with unique properties that turn off stress and heal tissues.  But the same concept underlies chiropractic, osteopathic, myofascial and acupuncture techniques.  These ‘blockages’ were first described in Traditional Chinese Medicine thousands of years ago. 

In this paradigm, the cause of a lesion may be a surgical scar, an old infection, a toxic root canal, or simply an emotionally painful memory.  And while its location may be a very specific part of the body, the way that it creates dysfunction is mediated by the acupuncture meridians.  This is because the meridians are the path along which vibrations travel in the fascia of the body. 

If you are not doing this already, consider testing to see which meridian is affected by the frequencies you are testing.  This can be done using the Ergopathics test kit called Voll meridians and Qi.  While this is perhaps the most efficient method, another approach is to two-point to an acupoint related to each channel.  Gentle palpation along the entire course of the meridian may reveal an area that feels tender or somehow different.  When this is massaged or tapped during desensitization, the response to treatment may be improved.

While we cannot provide information or advice about how to do this kind of advanced work, there are good teachers who can.  Of course, we must emphasize our disclaimer - this is not considered medical diagnosis or medical treatment.  This is essential for every patient.  There are no studies proving that these methods work or that they are valid or reliable.  Nonetheless, for those of you who have experience with bioenergetic testing and treatment, we hope that this will be useful information.



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