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Dr. Tiller and the Intention Machine

Dr. Tiller and the Intention Machine

Heather Fraser


Dr. William Tiller walks a line between orthodox science and metaphysics in his fascinating work on human potential – of which we seem only to have scratched the surface. Our thoughts and intentions when paired with focus and emotion are powerful. Many natural health practitioners are already aware of this functionally and intuitively but Dr. Tiller has proven this through the scientific method. He has also created ways to amplify this innate human power.

Dr. Tiller is Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Material Science and Engineering at Stanford University and the author of over 150 papers and four books including Psychoenergetic Science: a second Copernican-scale revolution (2007). He holds several patents and has made available designs for his Intention Host Device (IHD) that broadcasts healing intentions.

In a series of videos Tiller explains that there are two levels of reality and how by 'coupling' them with our intention we can change the reality we experience. Tiller has created an 'intention host device that he programs to hold an intention. This creates a 'coupled' state of two realities and indeed he has changed reality as we know it.

The two physical realities he describes in his videos are: Magnetic wave information level (that we cannot detect) plus Electric Atom Molecule levels (regular reality). He suggests that these realities do not normally interact with each other (or do so weakly) unless there is an intention to do so. And so, he created an 'intention host device' to deliberately create a coupling of these two realities. He has also created a biofeedback device to measure intention (with an analog metre with indicator needle) so that users can learn to increase their level of intention (sustaining and increasing the power with emotion) and the merging of these two realities.

Tiller has performed many experiments with this device over several years with intentions to change chemical properties.

For example, Tiller placed his intention host device in a room with a container of water and intended – with concentrated focus -- that the pH of the water would increase. He repeated the experiment with the same results: he dramatically increased the pH of the water. An unintended result was a change in the nature of the room itself. 

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