LWP Animals: Canine (Dog) 2 Test Kit


Additional histology and pathology related to dogs.

48 more vials.


AC 61   Adrenal / Suprarenal Gland   Healthy Tissue


AC 62   Bladder, Empty   Healthy Tissue


AC 63   Bladder, Full   Healthy Tissue


AC 64   Epithelium, Simple Squamous    Healthy Tissue

A single layer of flat cells in contact with the basal lamina (one of the two layers of the basement membrane). Found in capillaries, alveoli, glomeruli, and other tissues where rapid diffusion is required.


AC 65   Jejunum   Healthy Tissue

Second part of small intestine where small nutrient molecules are absorbed.


AC 66   Large Intestine   Healthy Tissue


AC 67   Lung   Healthy Tissue


AC 68   Lymph Gland   Healthy Tissue


AC 69   Medulla Oblongata   Healthy Tissue

Located in brain stem. Responsible for autonomic (involuntary) functions, e.g.  breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and  the sleep-wake cycle. 


AC 70   Ovary   Healthy Tissue


AC 71   Ovary, Young Bitch   Healthy Tissue


AC 72   Pancreas   Healthy Tissue


AC 73   Peyer's Patches   Healthy Tissue

Small masses of lymphatic tissue, also known as aggregated lymphoid nodules. Form an important part of the immune system by monitoring intestinal bacteria populations and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines.


AC 74   Prostate   Healthy Tissue


AC 75   Pyloro-Duodenal Juncture   Healthy Tissue

The junction between pylorus and duodenum. 


AC 76   Rectum   Healthy Tissue


AC 77   Salivary Gland   Healthy Tissue


AC 78   Skeletal Muscle   Healthy Tissue


AC 79   Small Intestine   Healthy Tissue


AC 80   Small Intestine, Smooth Muscle    Healthy Tissue

The smooth muscles cause the villi to move and mix the contents of the intestinal lumen.


AC 81   Spleen   Healthy Tissue


AC 82   Stomach, Cardiac   Healthy Tissue

The point where the oesophagus connects to the stomach and through which food passes into the stomach.


AC 83   Stomach, Fundus   Healthy Tissue

The enlarged portion of the stomach to the left and above the cardiac orifice.


AC 84   Stomach, Smooth Muscle   Healthy Tissue

Contracts during digestion, in order to break down nutrients.


AC 85   Submaxillary Gland   Healthy Tissue

Part of the salivary glands.


AC 86   Thyroid And Parathyroid   Healthy Tissue


AC 87   Thyroid Gland   Healthy Tissue


AC 88   Tongue   Healthy Tissue


AC 89   Tooth   Healthy Tissue


AC 90   Trachea /Windpipe   Healthy Tissue


AC 91   Ureter   Healthy Tissue

The duct by which urine passes from the kidney to the bladder.


AC 92   Urethra   Healthy Tissue

A tube that connects the urinary bladder to the urinary meatus for the removal of urine from the body.


AC 93   Vas Deferens   Healthy Tissue

Transports sperm from the epididymis to the ejaculatory ducts in anticipation of ejaculation.


AC 94   Hippocampus, Rabies Virus   Pathological Tissue


AC 95   Nephritis, Chronic Interstitial    Pathological Tissue

A kidney condition with swelling in between the kidney tubules. Leads to reduction in amount of urine and other symptoms.


AC 96   Skin, Linognathus Setosus   Pathological Tissue

Skin infested with a louse, causing restlessness and itching; may also cause alopaecia.


AC 97   Spleen, Ruptured   Pathological Tissue


AC 98   Adrenal Tumor   Tumor

Causes the glands to make too much of certain hormones. Usually occur in dogs that are older than seven years.


AC 99   Anal Glands, Adenoma   Tumor

Serious but not common.


AC 100   Liver, Round Celled Sarcoma   Tumor

Also known as a mast cell tumor; malignant. 


AC 101   Lung,  Round Celled Sarcoma, Metastic   Tumor

Also known as a mast cell tumor; malignant. Metastic = spread from primary tumor site.


AC 102   Neck, Adenoma   Tumor

Benign tumor.


AC 103   Pelvis, Adenocarcinoma    Tumor

Forms in mucus-secreting glands.


AC 104   Skin, Plexiform Angioma   Tumor

An abnormal growth produced by the dilatation or new formation of blood vessels.


AC 105   Subcutaneous Tissue, Fibroma   Tumor

Benign tumor composed of fibrous or connective tissue.


AC 106   Uterus, Leiomyoma    Tumor

Malignant; 90% of uterine tumors in dogs are leiomyomas.


AC 107   Uncinaria Sp.   Parasite

A hookworm species. Located in the final quarter of the small intestine. May be no symptoms, or diarrhoea and/or skin lesions. 


AC 108   Malassezia Pahydermatisc   Yeast

Normally found on skin and ears of dogs. An abnormal overgrowth of the yeast can cause dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin.


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